A Black sheriff

in the deep south

Nat Glover

I try to put people in positions that will allow them to serve in a meritorious way…where they will shine.

Nat Glover

  • Born in 1943 in segregated Jacksonville Florida
  • Raised under impoverished circumstances
  • Listened to detective programs on family’s sole near-luxury weathered
    table-top radio
  • Against all odds, joined the Jacksonville Police Department in 1966
  • First African American Detective Supervisor, Director of Police Services and
    Deputy Director of Services
  • Led the city’s Police Hostage Negotiating Team
  • In 1995, overcoming campaign related racist incidents, decisively won
    election as Sheriff of Jacksonville
  • Became the first elected Black Sheriff in the State of Florida since the late 1880s, Reconstruction Era
  • Re-elected in 1999
  • Praised by then President Bill Clinton for deploying a community policing

The Art of Leadership

Addresses the challenges of leadership and how to emerge as a leader from an executive’s perspective.

  • Leadership defined
  • Legacy
  • 7 C ‘ s of leadership
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Born Leaders Vs. Learned Leaders
  • Ascension to leadership
  • Loyalty, Trust and Expectations
  • Develop and Coach Your Team

Justice Reform

We must include community input and Law Enforcement cooperation so we can get to a position of trust where there is no question about the integrity of our system. In turn, we again, can become the beacon of the world when it comes to justice, mercy, and peace.

  • Law Enforcement officers have a license to kill and so MUST be held to a higher standard.
  • Police departments have been allowed to operate independently, the way they see fit, and
    in too many instances without community input.
  • The vast majority of police officers are good officers who take their duties of protecting and serving seriously.
  • The system protects rogue cops and THAT MUST CHANGE.


The present outcomes are not optimal. It is imperative we take the opportunity to come together and reform our criminal justice system.


Of all incarcerated citizens in the United States, about 65 percent have not received a high school diploma.

7 in 10

Nearly 7 in 10 people who are formerly incarcerated will commit a new crime.


50% of formally incarcerated end up back in prison within 3 years.


Young people with a college education are statistically LESS likely to go to jail.


Where They Will Shine Scholarship

After much thought and prayer and lots and lots of urging I have made the decision to share my story in the form of a book. The intent of my memoir is to build enough notoriety and goodwill to establish a significant endowment for need-based scholarships in our region.

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